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CelestinoThank you for your time today and your interest in the Chico COUPON DIRECTORY, aka, “The Yellow Magazine”.

We provide two services. We deliver great customers to the businesses we work with, and we deliver great deals on products, services and recreation/entertainment opportunities.



A true Win-Win Magazine


  • 45,000 Magazines Direct Mailed quarterly to every household in the Greater Chico Urban Area, Reaches over 110,000 Chico Area Consumers
  • Appeals to Consumers in All Demographics
  • The coupon “Non-Coupon” Chico Shoppers Consistently Use
  • Largest Distribution for the Lowest Ad Cost in the Entire City
  • Display Ads and Coupon Ads are Viewed Dozens of Times Each Quarter by Consumers as they ‘Coupon-Search’ through-out the Entire 3 Months
  • The Only Direct Mailing that Chico Consumers actually get Excited About!

We take great care to ensure that, “The Yellow Magazine”, is the direct mailing that Chico people will always look forward to. We only invite businesses we feel are top-notch and will give our readers value.

If you want to reach ALL of the Chico area market, with a cost effective, full-color, glossy ad, then the Chico COUPON DIRECTORY is for you.


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For Advertising call (530) 877-7766

What People are saying

“I keep that Yellow Magazine in my car. Everyone I know uses it!”

“The Yellow Magazine rocks! It’s the only one people use. There’s just so many great places in there.”

“I don’t use coupons but “The Yellow Magazine” is nice!”


Roots-catering-logo“COUPON DIRECTORY is the only advertising we do for our restaurant. This ad gives us the most bang for our buck!”


“Our COUPON DIRECTORY ad works better than all of our other advertising put together!”


“We love the COUPON DIRECTORY! We get box loads of coupons. Out of everything we have tried, you are by far the best. Thanks for all the new customers you are bringing to us.”

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Advertise Info

For Advertising call (530) 877-7766