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Our Chico clients all agree this provides them the most exposure for the cost

Why It Works

What makes the Chico COUPON DIRECTORY the most effective advertising in Chico?

Every time someone looks through “The Yellow Magazine”, it is like you ran another ad. Traditionally, other publications may be looked through once. To get more exposures, you need to buy more ads. With Chico COUPON DIRECTORY, you get exposure over and over and over.

Attractive and Convenient

It’s an Attractive, Full-Color, Glossy Magazine filled with great deals.

Provides Great Deals

Consumers love the great deals from businesses they know and are excited to try new businesses with their coupon deals.

Long 3 Month Exposure

It’s convenient, delivered directly to their home every 3 months.

Great Results

They tell us it’s the only coupon magazine they save and use through the expiration date. They say, “I’m not a coupon person, but this is great. It’s the only one I use".

Premium Shopping Guide

A true Win-Win Magazine

We take great care to ensure that, “The Yellow Magazine”, is the direct mailing that Chico people will always look forward to. We only invite businesses we feel are top-notch and will give our readers value.

If you want to reach ALL of the Chico area market, with a cost effective, full-color, glossy ad, then the Chico COUPON DIRECTORY is for you.